January 2018 Meeting

In this meeting, there were discussions on having an electrician come out to check on the electricity boxes (for decorations) at the poles going from Irons to Brooks Rd.

The Fire Department would like everyone to be extra careful with wood-stoves and heaters - be sure to always clean chimneys and be safe!

Please join us for further meetings so you can help us make a difference in our communicty.

August 17 Township Meeting

The August meeting began with a lot of admiration for the new driveway at the hall.

The Fireman's Ball was also described as "a huge success."

Internet services for the hall, from Carr Communications, is set to begin by the end of October. This will allow the Township to offer high-speed internet usage to residents who visit the hall. There will be more information on this in future blogs.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!

June 15 Township Meeting

During the last township meeting, held on June 15 at 7:00pm, the board discussed the past months receipts and disbursements as well as approved the minutes from the last meeting.

The board discussed the previously passed motion to have the driveway paved at the Township Hall - this discussion included the dates of when each step would take place.

The board also discussed the previously passed motion of internet being publicly available at the hall. Currently, only one more business located on 10 1/2 Mile Road in Irons needs to sign up for Business Class Internet Service through Carr Communications for them to begin servicing our area. Any interested business should contact (231) 898-2244.

There were also two guests at the meeting:
Ray Franz, Manistee County GOP Chair came to introduce himself and discuss his intent to run for a Senate Seat.
Jennifer Smeltzer, Michigan Director of Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association came to introduce herself and her intent to foster positive relationships with forest industry members and the association she represents.

We welcome all township residents to attend the july 20 meeting at 7:00pm