Helpful Information For New Residents

Moving to a new area can be cumbersome. Time spent researching the area and services you will need could be better spent packing and filling out your change of address cards. From local schools to garbage services, we have comprised a list of services that you will need along with local companies to contact.

Should you find something missing from the below lists, please go to our CONTACT US page and let us know so we can add them.



If you have children that are school aged, you will need to contact one of the schools below for registration information.

  • Baldwin Community Schools (231) 745-4791
  • Kaleva Norman Dickson Consolidated (231) 477-5353
  • Manistee Catholic Central (231) 723-2529
  • Trinity Lutheran School (231) 723-8700

Trash services

If you are seeking a garbage collection service that will come to your home, contact one of the below companies:

  • Waste Management 866-797-9018
  • Republic Waste Services 800-968-4143
  • Independent Rural Waste Service (231) 832-4990

Lake county transfer station

If you have large items that need to be removed, you can call the number below for pickup/drop off pricing and information:

  • Smith Dumpsters (231) 745-3679




We all need the basics in life - heat, lights, phone, etc. Here is a list of such companies:


  • Great Lakes Energy 888-485-2537

Propane Suppliers:

  • Irons Bottle Gas (231) 266-6140
  • Blarney Castle Oil & Propane (231) 885-1056
  • Ferrellgas (231) 723-9909
  • Fischer Bottle Gas (231) 848-4143

Telephone Service:

  • AT&T 877-623-6473

Satellite Television Services:

  • Dish Network 800-333-3474
  • DirecTV 800-531-5000

Satellite Internet Companies:

  • Hughesnet 866-347-3292
  • Exceed 866-989-3105

Veterinarian Services:

  • Irons Animal Hospital (231) 862-3113